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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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🃏Group Oracle Draw

Deck used: Anne Stokes Gothic Oracle

Card drawn: Enchantment

A faery walks a Path toward us, stopping within a

dirdle of mushrooms. Holding a goblet, she asks if

we would like to take a sip of the forest wine.

Faery rings are naturally occurring circles of mush-

rooms that can be found in the countryside.

As the

name suggests, they have been long associated with

pixies and faeries in many English and Celtic tales.

It is said that the rings appear where elves have danced

or that a faery village lays underground. Many believe

that to stand within a faery ring can bring great

enchantment and luck.

However, since some advise

against this, doing so it requires great commitment

If you have drawn this card, then you are are being

asked to think about how committed you are to something or someone.

Are you all in or are you all

out? Commitment comes with responsibility and must not be taken lightly.

Are you about to sign a contract,

enter into a partnership or are you considering taking a relationship to a new level?

If so, make sure that

you are aware of what your commitment will entail.

While enchantment may very well be the reward, it

may be more difficult to step out of the faery ring than

it was to step in.

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