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Celestite Cluster Small

Celestite Cluster Small

Impuesto excluido

These Celestite clusters measure roughly 1.5" across and weigh between 3 and 5 ounces. Please be aware that Celestite is very delicate and should be handled with care to avoid crumbling or breakage. It is normal when you open the package to see that some small pieces have broken off.
. Blue Celestite (AKA Celestine) is known for facilitating communication with both the subconscious and higher beings. It’s a highly spiritual crystal that aids in achieving enlightenment and a deeper understanding of your world.
PERFECT FOR CRYSTAL HEALING AND MEDITATION. The stone enhances insights and intuition while acting as an excellent medium on which to meditate. The healing stone deepens your meditation so you can improve your inner dialogue and that with other realms. It can also be used for chakra balancing, reiki healing, decoration, as charms, and as part of grids
Celestite being an essential stone in any healing crystals collection, will be appreciated by those just getting into healing stones and others who might have years of experience under their belt.

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