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Single Raw Kunzite

Impuesto excluido

You receive one intuitively selected stone. 

Kunzite, although not truly discovered until the early 20th century, due to it’s wonderful coloring and peaceful demeanor, is quickly becoming a popular women’s stone, cared for most deeply by Goddess worshipers.This stone teaches us to go with the flow of life, like a meandering creek, content with it’s part in life. It is a protective stone, radiating peace, connecting one to Universal Love; producing loving thoughts and communication. Used for unifying relationships, calming and meditative soothing over bad relationships.Magically, Kunzite is held or worn to induce a peaceful relaxation, releasing tension and soothing the muscles that are often known to carry daily and long held stresses. By merely passing the stone over the affected parts of the body, Kunzite will help to ‘unknit’ those troubled muscles.Used for gazing, it is also very powerful to induce peace, calm anger, reduce fears, and soothe nerves, as well as grounding to bring one back down to the earth.Kunzite may be used in conjunction with Rose Quartz for a love spell. Although one may receive a more spiritual, universal love than that of a romantic nature.Kunzite should be cleansed under warm running water after each use and recharged overnight amongst dry Hematite stones.

  • Correspondences

    Energy: Receptive
    Element: Earth
    Planet:  Pluto & Venus
    Deities: Aphrodite/Venus
    Powers: Grounding, Relaxation & Peace, Love
    Candle Color: Pink

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