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Sekhmet Figure Candle

Impuesto excluido

Sekhmet, also spelled Sakhmet, in Egyptian religion, a goddess of war and the destroyer of the enemies of the sun god Re. Sekhmet was associated both with disease and with healing and medicine. Like other fierce goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon, she was called the “Eye of Re.” She was the companion of the god Ptah and was worshipped principally at Memphis. She was usually depicted as a lioness or as a woman with the head of a lioness, on which was placed the solar disk and the uraeus serpent. Sekhmet was sometimes identified with other Egyptian goddesses, such as Hathor, Bastet, and Mut.

This highly detailed figure candle made of organic beeswax is imbued with our all natural Egyptian Amber fragrance, Blended, Blessed, Hand Poured and Empowred on our house Altar. Fantastic for all types of spells and Rituals such as health, atrraction, love and protection and justice especially Egyptian Magick and Protection of familars. For now we are only producing this candle in three colors for suited purposes, Black, Bone White and Brown and blood red.
Honor belongs to Sekhmet.

Candle Color
  • Color Correspondence

    Red – Passionate love, energy, action
    Orange – New opportunities, success, opening roads
    Yellow – Optimism, prosperity, luck, fame, prosperity
    Green – Prosperity, growth, work, fertility, career
    Blue – Peace, communication, healing, reconciliation, mental gifts Purple – Success, control, power
    Pink – Romantic love, friendship, attraction
    Spirit White – Cleansing, blessing, healing ,
    Spirit Black – Banishing, protection, security,
    Silver Grey or Brown – Court case work, justice, balance, grounding, honor, Ancestor

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