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Persephone Herbal Blend - Witchcraft, Wicca, Incense Blend, Herbal Incense, Ritual Incense, Wicca, Pagan

Persephone Herbal Blend

Impuesto excluido

Inspired by Persephone- Goddess of the underworld, as well as spring, a delicate balance of life and death... beautiful!

This aromatic blend of herbs can be used in devotionals to the Goddess on self, drank in a tea, spread on  Altar and Magickal tools , to dress candles, use in charm and Mojo bags, burned on charcoal, placed in a sachet , in a cash drawer.

Blended, Blessed and Empowred on our house altar,  it has all things beauty in it. Lemongrass and Vervain from Greece, Rocky Mountain Heather, rose buds, jasmine flower from Egypt and other herbs corresponding to the royal Queen of Hades.
Receive Persephones kiss.

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