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Ostara Earth Mother Seed paper spell,Spell Kit, Altar, Witchcraft, Wicca Tools, Ritual Spells, Pagan,  Spell, Candle

Ostara Earth Mother Seed paper spell

Impuesto excluido

Our Ostara Spring Equinox spell is ready and available for a limited time.
Bless and empower then plant your intentions on this Magickal seed paper and watch them grow and begin to manifest! Whatever wish u desire be it love, fortune, protection etc...
Comes with  the written spell and instructions ,one sheet of color corresponding seed paper and one small earth shaped seed paper a conjure nail to inscribe with a green candle and a vial of our Earth Mother Incense blend with a charcoal to burn it on (you provide fire proof vessel).
Call upon the Earth mothers and conjure up some Middle Earth intentions this Ostara!

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