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Native Spirit Ceremonial Candle

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The smell of tobacco smoke, leather and sweetgrass fill the ceremonial hall. All vibrations lift as the spirits of Ancestors emerge from the conjure...Tobacco is a sacred herb that has long been used as an offering for spirits. Native Spirit is an all natural Tobacco and Sweetgrass scented soy candle used for spiritual work to honor the spirits of those who have lived on the land you stand on.Whether you wish to channel and connect to your ancestral line, meet your spirit guides, or to honor the spirits of ancestors who walked the land where you live. Native Spirit is a beautiful offering for your most special ceremonial and spiritual work.
This candle is created with deep reverence for the spirits who have gone before us.With it's bold notes of leather, tobacco and sweetgrass make this a great option for sensual feminine or masculine space. Hints of amyris, musk, and moss compliment the smokiness of this intensely earthy fragrance.

Sweet Tobacco fragrance oil captures aromatic pipe-ready tobacco. This heady scent balances brandy-infused tobacco leaves drenched in sweet honey and amaretto, and rounds it off with a base of oak and warm benzoin
5 0z of all natural golden soy wax Blended, Hand Poured in our mini burnt sienna ceramic tumbler, Blessed , while working with the Great Spirit it is Empowered With Divine North American Native energy on our house Altar

Note Profile:
Top: Sweet Tobacco Leaf, Amaretto, Honey

Middle: Smoke, Brandy, Tobacco Leaves

Base: Oak, Benzoin

Dressed on top with Master Of The Woods Herb (sweet woodruff) and adorned with an ancestor spirit charm. And it's all sealed in with a beautiful Black Pine Wooden Lid, which adds an element of natural beauty to your candle. With its stained finish and dark tones, this candle lid offers a sleek look and clean-lined simplicity. Crafted from sustainably sourced pine, an inner silicone fitment helps secure the lid to the jar.

Ancestors, Blessings, Connection, Disempowered, Empowerment, Guide, Honor, Land, Native, Native American, Native Spirit, Banish,Protection, Reverence, Sage, Spirit, Spiritual, Sweetgrass, Tobacco, Conjure,

Happy Conjuring!

  • Tumbler Information

    Featuring a color inspired by the red pigment derived from the earth, the Mini Burnt Sienna Modern Ceramic Tumbler adds a touch of warmth to home decor. With straight lines and smooth sides, these ceramic candle containers have a modern style that effortlessly showcases a range of brand aesthetics. The matte finish emphasizes the earthy color.
    Please remove any of our enchanted charms from the candles surface before burning and use them in your own crafting traditions to add to your Magickal workings
    How to reuse your cotainer when your candle is completely finished with it's burn time simply preheat your oven to 220 ( do not microwave! (Wick tab is still in vessel and is metal!) place container upside down on a baking sheet covered in a sheet of parchment paper and heat until the remaining wax is melted, then wash with warm soapy water. If the wick tab has not come off by now you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol to lossen the adhesive. Use only rubber spatulas and other utensils or you may scratch the ceramics surface.

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