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Honeysuckle Harmony & Prosperity Spell

Honeysuckle Harmony & Prosperity Spell

Impuesto excluido

This spell arrives with two options.

The first is under the influence of Mercury and the second spell is under the influence of Jupitor.

This spell harnesses the power of Honeysuckle under Mercuries planetary influence to improve communication, foster understanding, and strengthen bonds between friends, lovers, or colleagues. Honeysuckle, aligned with the planet Jupiter, serves as the primary botanical ally for this spell, leveraging its connections to growth, expansion, and wealth. The tiger's eye gemstone and a candle will amplify the honeysuckle's energies, harmonizing with Jupiter's auspices to manifest prosperity.


Included in the package :

1  package of Honeysuckle leaves

1 10 ml Honeysuckle essential oil

2 Chime spell candles : 1 Yellow, 1 Green

1 Honeysuckle Foaming bath shot made with fresh honeysuckle and epsom salts.

1 Tigers eye gemstone

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