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Hibiscus Flower (Egyptian)

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Organic Hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus rosanesis) is a flowering plant in the Malvaceae family. There are a few hundred different species of hibiscus which grow in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate climates all over the world. This genus of plants has both annual and perennial plants, along with small trees and shrubs. No one is quite sure where exactly hibiscus originated. There are 8 different species which are thought to be the forefathers of the modern hibiscus. These 8 species are native to Mauritius, Madagascar, Fiji, Hawaii and either India or China. These 8 original species have been hybridized into hundreds of other species. The first mention of hibiscus is from around 295BCE when a Chinese author mentioned growing it. Although it was grown widely in China, it didn’t make it to Europe particularly early, probably due to the travel restrictions placed on Europeans by China during the 1300s. used in love and lust and spells of passion and repairing relationships as well as personal empowerment..

  • Correspondences

    • Love
    • Lust
    • Passion
    • Freedom
    • Harmony
    • Independence
    • Divination
    • Psychic work
    • Prophetic and lucid dreams
    • Beauty
    • Courage


    Deities: Venus, Aphrodite


    Zodiac: Aquarius and Scorpio

    Planet: Venus

    Element: Water

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