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Grand Success Herbal Blend

Impuesto excluido

In Ancient Greece and Rome a Laurel of bay leaf was worn on ones crown to imply status, champions, magistrates. Noble men and women wore it to proudly display their titles with a wreath of bay wrapped upon their crown.

The color orange in Magick and Hoodoo stands for positive succeful outcomes.
Success comes in many forms, so what does it mean? Success means progress, improvement , satisfaction of a job well done!

Our Grand Success herbal blend is useful to bring positive outcomes  in education, business, sports, carreers, projects, art, gaming and gambling.  This blend can be used on  self, Altar and Magickal tools, to dress candles, used in charm and Mojo bags, burned on charcoal, placed in a sachet or in a cash drawer.

Blended Blessed and Empowred on our house altar with pieces of sweet orange peel, Ginger root , John The Conqurer root and bay leaf.
Find success today!!

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