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Foaming Bath Shot Blends

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Choose from several options of weight and ingredients.


2 ounce bottle of  blended foaming bath shots


4 ounce bottle of  foaming bath shot


This magickal bath product is offered in either :

A blend of "Finely" ground  salts,  botanicals , clays and oils,  

as well as  A "Coarse" option blend of foaming salts, botanicals, clays and oils..


***Frosted Juniper - Aura Cleanse***

This Aura cleansing  blend is offered in either "Finely" ground or "Coarse"

Featuring Juniper Powder as well as sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot, finely ground dead sea salt  , dendritic salt, Slsa, Polysorbate 80 , Juniper essential , Frosted Juniper Fragrance Oil and water soluble skin safe colorant . Immerse yourself in the magical properties of The Juniper tree which includes removing negativity , spiritual protection and aura cleansing,  This foaming aromatherapy experience will help you run any negativity down the drain.

***Rose Petal Portal - Self Love -***

This Self Love  blend presents in either a "Fine" blend or a "Coarse" Blend-  with Rose Petal Powder as well as pink french clay,  himalayan pink sea salt,  sea salt ,  dendritic salt, Slsa, Polysorbate 80 , Rose essential oil, Rose Blossom Fragrance Oil, Rose hip seed oil . This foaming aromatherapy experience is lush and will help ease you into a kinder mindset towards yourself.


Dark Moon Deipnon Foaming Salt Blend- This Salt blend comes in "Finely" Ground only and is designed to help you transition through the dark moon period of manifestation and gratitude. Those who are serious within their Hekatean studies this salt blend is just perfect for Deipnon. Includes Epsom Salts, Black Lava Salt, Bentonite Clay , Mugwort, Basil , SLSA, Dandelion,Lavender,Oakmoss Amber Fragrance, Frankincense Essential Oil,Polysorbate 80,Mica, Water Soluble Skin Safe Colorant.


***Lavender and Oats- Relax***

This relaxation  blend presents with either "Finely" ground or "Coarse"

Including Lavender flower  as well as epsom salts,   sea salt , organic natural oats , buttermilk powder , dendritic salt, Slsa, Polysorbate 80 , Lavender essential oil, Cashmere Plum  Fragrance Oil and skin safe water soluble colorant . This foaming aromatherapy bath shot experience is lush and will help ease you into a therapeutic state of relaxation condusive to sleeping. 


***Jasmine and Neroli- Detox***

This detox blend presents with both "finely" ground and "Coarse" dead sea salt,  jasmine  flower powder  , bentonite clay well known for its detoxifying benefits -  also called montmorillonite which is a natural substance formed by volcanic ash and is  is used to treat an array of conditions. Some people consider it a healing clay because of its curative and cleansing properties. (Bentonite clay is used on the face and body to purify the skin and draw out toxins,) , arrowroot, kaolin clay (Using clay for detoxification purposes has been done in many cultures over hundreds of years, but is a relatively forgotten practice in modern Western society, though there is a resurgence happening as people look to nature for safe and effective ways to restore the body) , dendritic salt, Slsa, Polysorbate 80 , Jasmine essential oil, jasmine and neroli Fragrance Oil .

This foaming aromatherapy bath shot experience is both safe and detoxifying !


The options are endless when we look to our planet for healing <3


***Milk & Honey - Rejuvenate***

The  Milk and Honey - Rejuvenate comes in both "fine blend " and "Coarse blend" and is a very special addition to our bath shot blend.

Blended with both buttermilk and goats milk it includes  our dried honey blend as well as ground chamomile flowers and finely ground epsom salts. Scented with enchanted orchid fragrance oil and frankincense essential oils this enchanted salt blend leaves you feeling and smelling like the goddess herself. . 

Ingredients include - Epsom salt,buttermilk powder, goats milk powder, dried honey powder, chamomile flowers, dendritic salt,arrowroot,kaolin clay, sodium bicarbonate,slsa, fragrance oil and frankincense essential oil


*** Witches Apple (Wicked ) - For Self Awareness ***

This bath shot comes with the options of 2 ounce or 4 ounce.

offered in in finely blended only:

Let The Wicked Witches bath shot help ease you along your path . 

This enchanted blend celebrates the Witch Archetype and the

realization that you are a force of nature!

Step into this enchanted bath with the understanding that when you step back out , your Witch vibe and frequency will be in sync and attuned to the natural world.

Now is the time for development of your natural Witch powers and abilities.

  Wicked Witches foaming bath salts is an enchanted blend of Celtic Grey Sea Salt, Black Lava Salt, Goats Milk Powder , Epsom Salts , Dendritic Salt, Citric Acid , Sodium Bicarbinate , Bentonite clay,  SLSA , Apple Seed Oil , Wicked Witch Fragrance Oil 


**Amber Rose Bath Shot**  

Amber Rose comes in finely blended only.

One of our most popular blends, this is a best seller because it smells Divine!

Made with love <3  this fantastic smell good blend of magic ingredients creates a silky, lush bathing experience that will leave you smelling fantastic!

 Ingredients include Citric Acid - Sodium Bicarbinate-Kaolin Clay-Arrowroot powder- Rose Hip Seed Oil ( rich in antioxidants), Sweet Almond Oil, Rose  Essential Oil and Fire Amber Fragrance Oil.

Water soluble colorants - Polysorbate 80 - SLSA - 



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