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Fame & Fortune Herbal Conjuring Blend

Fame & Fortune Herbal Conjuring Blend

Impuesto excluido

For those who seek the spotlight and performance based careers. Through golden desert sands treasures, baubles, riches, artifacts of power and with it fame. It all traveled to famous Kings and Queens of ancient kingdoms. Money and fame has also flowed to musicans, dancers, athletes and other performance required careers. Secure your birthright and raid the caravan with this blend made of all things golden!  This blend has ingredients to protect your wealth like a Ruler!

This house blend is designed after the version rumored created for Elvis Presley by his Hoodoo Rootworker .

You receive  1 oz of Blended , Blessed and Empowered on our house Altar with sacred herbs of Straw Flower 🌼 John The ConquerRoot, Star Ainse,  Blessed Thistle,  Calendula And /Or Sunflower Oil.  Used as a spell booster and enhancer this  can be burned on charcoal or put in a sachet used to dress candles etc...

Attention and all things shiny await to be drawn into you!

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