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Dark Goddess Charmed Bracelet with Sage Bundle

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Welcome to our witchcraft shoppe, where magic and mysticism come to life through our Dark Goddess Charmed Bracelet with Sage Bundle. This enchanting bracelet features a Snake Chain Bracelet style design and a barrel clasp, accompanied by a dark goddess charm made of sterling silver  associated with the deity of your choosing and two rubber stoppers .

Along with this beautiful bracelet, we include a sage bundle for cleansing and a coordinating attunement to further enhance your connection to the dark goddess energy. The sage bundle will be in correspondence with the deity you pick.


Embrace the power and allure of Dark Goddess energy with this charmed bracelet and sage set, perfect for any witch or practitioner looking to tap into their inner mystic. Experience the magic and wisdom of the dark goddess with this captivating bracelet and sage bundle.

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