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Dandelion Root Raw or Roasted

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Dandelion root has been used for  enhancing intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, dream work, visions, and psychic abilities as well as to connect to spirit guides. The dandelion has a number of medicinal properties. The sap from the stems can be used to cure warts, and the leaves can be dried and made into a tea to aid in digestion. A tincture brewed from the bright yellow flowers is believed to help with complaints related to the liver, and the root can be dried and brewed into a tea as well. When the leaves and root are burned they can be used as an incense to boost clairvoyance and divinatory abilities.- The leaf, root, and flower have a few different aspects, but are mostly similar as far as magic goes.- Dandelion is associated with wind and air spirits. It was also supposedly used in invocations to Hecate and death related deities.

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