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Calamus root chips

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Calamus (Acorus calamus) is used to control others,bindings, break jinxes or bring in good luck. used to bend over or controlling another person or a situation and is often used in spells of domination. To bend the will of another. In the tradition of witchcraft, it is used in spells for healing and to increase the power of a spell.It is said that growing the plant brings good luck to gardeners.

Calamus Root, also known as sweet flag, is utilized in spells involving dominance, commanding, and control, as well as love potions and love magick. Water is the element of luck, healing, money, and protection. Magickal Applications: The seeds can be strung as healing beads, or the powdered root can be used in healing incenses and sachets. Do not ingest.
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Synonyms - Sweet Flag, Sweet Root, Sweet Rush, Sweet Cane, Gladdon, Sweet Myrtle, Myrtle Grass, Myrtle Sedge, Cinnamon Sedge, Unpeeled Calamus

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