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Bitch Begone Banishment Spell Kit

Bitch Begone Banishment Spell Kit

Impuesto excluido

If it came in uninvited , it won't stay long with this spell, like a sword and shield. It banishes and then protects the practitioner against evil forces and manipulative entities. Big time banishment spell for bigtime problems.Designed for the practioner to remove any blocks restrictions, hexes, curses, evil eyes or slander then shield and restore balance to their Magickal workings.


This Spell Kit Includes:

The written spell and instructions

1: House crafted Begone Now Banishment candle

1: Bottle of House crafted Clear and Cleanse powder

2: type B Japanese bamboo charcoals to burn the clear and cleanse powder on

(You must provide your own cauldron or burner)

1: Black chime spell candle

1: White chime spell candle

1: Charm bag with a Pentagram sewn on with protective knot spells by our Coven

1: Tumbled Black Obsidian gemstone

1: Conjure nail for candle inscription


Bitch Begone and don't come back!!!

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