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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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A classic celtic cross spread with my Steampunk Tarot Deck. I like to do readings based on the "moving foward " concept with an open mindedness to divine counsel and guidance. I was impressed by how many major arcana were in this reading (six in a ten card reading) Starting with the significator - The fools Adventure is still moving forward and being crossed by an uprush of creative energy imbued in the Ace of Swords. The wheel of fortune says I am changing (The World also indicates transformation ) The Star at the base of the matter indicates a hopefulness (yes I still feel that) that comes into fruition again with the drawing of The Strength card (I pull the Strength card quite often in the final outcome spot) .The four of wands in the views of others spot is kinda funny, everybody must think im partying it up over here, im actually still just over here pulling thorns from lions paws to the best of my witchy ability...

Looking at the symbolism present in this reading, are repetitive circle patterns as well as the elements that are symbolically represented more than once. Ive developed working with symbolism within my readings by practicing with the original Rider Waite deck which is rich with symbolic history. ☆

Ravenwind Pendragon
Lark Blackberry
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Oct 25, 2022

Beautiful reading


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