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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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Ravenwind Pendragon
Practitioner/Employee of The Devine CraftHigh Mystic
Practitioner of The Devine CraftPriest/Priestess

🃏Group Tarot Draw

Deck used Runic Tarot. Card Drawn Six Of Wands

Keywords recognition, perseverance over hardship, victory, honored

Image description

A warrior raises a banner high on a staff, it is black and white and billows in the wind. They wear thick leather armor and have short cropped red hair. They stand in the ravine down low. Many tall rocks appear around the figure. A large rock stands closest to the warrior. It looks hand carved because the face of Thor wearing a helmet peeks out from the side. Six figures appear above the warrior, some wearing claoks, others armor. They are also cheering. The figures wearing cloaks wave staves into the air.a bind rune appears in the air above the tattered banner.

The Rune Gebo appears in the bind rune it's meaning is joy and celebration.

You have fought hard for this achievement and have done it. Revel in your primal roar and be joyous in the moment.



Lark Blackberry
BellaDonna Devine

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