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This is one of our Harmonious Tools readings. For myself I can see that I am both The Warrior and The Shaman. Understanding what "The Work" is that propels me forward lies in the bridge of The spirit which in this reading is Pluto (rebirth) Since I happen to be a Scorpio this makes sense. The dark season is coming in North America, I like to spend time in the cave during this period. Thats okay, rebirth happens after coagulation occurs for me. Elementally the Warrior is in the West position of emotions and water, I promise my tongue has tasted the vinegar of my warrior mentality more than once. In the position of North lies Vinegar (a little bit goes a long way and is sometimes necessary to be able to convey your needs). The Shaman is to the east where the intellect is often conveyed. To the south within the flames is coagulation. Within this reading we also convey the past to the left (warrior) and the future to the right (Shaman) what is apparent is above us, this is what is easily seen wherein below lies coagulation which isnt always as obvious but is definitely influential...Thats a short breakdown of my witchy power hour of divination today ☆ May the spirits be fair. ☆

Ravenwind Pendragon
Lark Blackberry
Unknown member
Sep 29, 2023

What an amazing,powerful and perfectly timed reading. Thank you


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